Wonder Woman 1984 Will Be DC Films First True Sequel

Gal Gadot Is The Wonder Woman Every DC Fan Needs
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“Wonder Woman 1984” has been getting a lot of positive buzz with the release of the new trailer, while some other DC Universe films haven’t been so lucky. The DC Extended Universe found one of its biggest successes with “Wonder Woman” and proved to audiences and studios that a female lead superhero movie could definitely gain audience and critical approval.
With “Wonder Woman 1984”, the DCEU has its first major sequel on its hands. While “Man of Steel” was followed up with “Batman v Superman”, it was just as much a Batman film as a Superman film, and then the release of “Justice League” added even more characters into the universe. But with Wonder Woman, the sequel will focus on our favorite Amazonian superhero and a group of new villains, cutting out the excess DC characters and making it very much a Wonder Woman movie, not just a DC movie.
“Wonder Woman” remains the DCEU’s highest grossing and critically rated movie to date, so making a true sequel to the blockbuster success seems like a no brainer. “Wonder Woman” and “Wonder Woman 1984” are also the first two movies in the DCU chronologically. While new entries into the DCEU seem like an effort to reinvent and rejuvenate the earlier movies, Wonder Woman is a bona fide hit and the sequel will be reuniting director Patty Jenkins with leading lady Gal Gadot. This means that we have some pretty high expectations, but with a recipe for success and a stacked cast, the first official DCEU sequel is bound to become a major hit.

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