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Google Pixel Buds 2020 Review: This Is More Like It!

The first Google Pixel Buds hit the scene in 2017, and whether it was their strange fabric case or their convoluted wire-wrapping scheme … they never really took off. So when Google announced that the 2020 edition of its Pixel Buds would be true wireless earbuds, built with the most robust Google Assistant integration available and shipping in a charging case even more satisfying to the touch than to the eye, my interest was piqued. Now, after spending four days with the new Pixel Buds paired with my Pixel 4, I’m happy to report that they’re a delightful combination of aesthetics, features, and just plain fun. Join me for a video that takes the new Pixel Buds from living room dance party to quarantine exercise walk to IPX4 shower session – in MrMobile’s Google Pixel Buds 2020 Review!... Read More | Share it now!

My New Favorite Samsung (Is A TV!)

My TV has been seen in the background of nearly every video I’ve shot since our Coronavirus quarantine began, but you probably missed it – and that’s the whole idea. Samsung calls its specialty television “The Frame” for a reason: sure, it’s a 65-inch QLED TV when it’s turned on, but kill the power – and suddenly, it’s a framed painting. And it isn’t just showing you a screensaver like a computer monitor would; The Frame is using every trick it can to sell the illusion that it’s a genuine printed image. Between that, the magnetic frame bezels and the flush wall mount with single ultrathin power and data cable … I simply couldn’t resist. When, last November, I saw The Frame at my local electronics store on the first TV-buying expedition of my life, I just had to have it – even though for the price, I could have bought two or three 65″ TVs that didn’t pull double duty as a “Frame.”... Read More | Share it now!

Skagen Falster 3 Review: The Classy Way To Wear OS

The Skagen Falster 3 is an intoxicating blend of Danish minimalism and a splash of well-placed excess. Like the Falster 2 before it, it’s the most fetching Wear OS smartwatch of its generation – and when you toss in Fossil’s custom battery-saving and voice call mods, it may well be the best Wear OS watch of 2020 so far. But how many updates does Wear OS need until the Falster 3 can be considered a legitimately great smartwatch at $295? Let’s see how much of that question we can answer in the Skagen Falster 3 Review!... Read More | Share it now!

Moto G Stylus Review: Can A Pen Save The Budget Phone?

It almost couldn’t be a worse time to launch a budget-conscious smartphone. Yes, people are being more frugal, but there are already amazing options out there: if Apple’s iPhone SE 2020 lives up to its 2016-era predecessor, it’ll easily earn its $400 price tag, and rumors have Google’s Pixel 4a launching soon around the same price. If that weren’t enough, last year’s most excellent Pixel 3a just dropped to $299, which I think is the deal of the year so far. With competition like that, you might ask why anyone would want to buy a Moto G Stylus for $299. And my answer would ordinarily be no one – not even for the stylus in the silo – were it not for a reduction at the retailers. Join me for the Moto G Stylus Review!... Read More | Share it now!