Review: Moto Z Play + Hasselblad Moto Mod

Whatever your thoughts on the Moto Z and its line of Moto Mods, it’s an interesting take on the smartphone – and Lenovo just made things even more interesting with the Moto Z Play and Hasselblad True Zoom. A more affordable Moto Z paired with an accessory from one of photography’s biggest brands sounds like a win-win … so, is it? Find out in the Moto Z Play review/Hasselblad True Zoom review from MrMobile!... Read More | Share it now!

Samsung Gear S3 Hands-On

Samsung’s smartphones have matured into some of the best on the market in 2016, and its smartwatches seem poised to do the same. With the Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier, Samsung evolves some of the solid ideas behind last year’s S2, while further honing its software and industrial design to produce a device that’s a wristwatch first and a smartwatch second – an often-touted but seldom realized ambition in the wearable world. Whether Samsung ultimately meets that goal will have to wait for MrMobile’s full Gear S3 review; for now, join me for a quick Samsung Gear S3 hands on!... Read More | Share it now!