Halo Multiplayer Details + Splinter Cell on Netflix – IGN News Live – 07/31/2020

Halos, halos everywhere, and not a map to bump! Ever since Halo: Infinite showed off some gameplay footage, it’s all a lot of us have been talking about, developers 343 Industries included. We’ll catch you up on all the latest Halo: Infinite and Xbox Series X news, context, and quotage, then dive into some other games getting the series treatment, plus the return of an old classic. Welcome to the Friday show; things get loose. Happy you’re here! End transmission.... Read More | Share it now!

Top 10 Anime Deaths That Broke The Internet

Sometimes saying goodbye is too much for a fandom to handle. Join Ashley as he counts down the deaths of anime characters that sent the internet into an uproar, including such hit series as “Death Note,” “Gurren Lagann”, “Attack on Titan”, and more! We still aren’t over what happened to Lelouch! ... Read More | Share it now!

حقيقة طلاق ياسمين صبرى وطلبها مبلغ خيالى للظهور مع عمرو أديب وأول ظهور لزوجة احمد أبو هشيمة الأولى

#أخبار_النجوم #ياسمين_صبرى #عمرو_أديب
انتشرت خلال الايام الماضية شا ئعات تفيد بطلاق الفنانة ياسمين صبري من زوجها رجل الأعمال أحمد أبو هشيمة ، ومع صمت الفنانة وزوجها وعدم الرّد زادت الشكوك حول حقيقة الأمر، خصوصاً أنهما لم ينفيا الأمر.... Read More | Share it now!