Plaud Note Review: Mini Metal Memo Maker (with AI)

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If I have a gadget weakness beyond mobile phones … it’s probably audio recorders. I came of age in that very special time of the mid-90s when Home Alone 2 was constantly playing on HBO, and I became enamored of Kevin’s Talkboy, with its famous voice-changing feature.

I was so obsessed with the Talkboy that I bought myself a little microcassette recorder from Radio Shack, which I used to document my day-to-day as a middle-school student, trade voice memos with my Dad, and record self-conscious captain’s log entries. By the time I went to college, mobile phones had already started to usurp the role of those dedicated recorders by bundling in no-frills voice memo features, which I used mainly to give my future-self advice while drunk at parties. And today, of course, those voice recorders are a standard component of most of the convergence devices that most of us carry.

But we’re also in a time when countless companies are riding the buzzy bubble of “AI” to resurrect gadget categories long ago subsumed by the smartphone. Plaud is one such company, and its debut product, the Plaud Note, is a totally-2024 upgrade to the microcassettes, MiniDiscs, Talkboys and YakBaks of yesteryear. The question is: does blending beautiful design with ChatGPT make the Plaud Note worth the premium you’ll pay for it?


This video was produced following six days with a Plaud Note retail unit purchased by MrMobile’s publisher, and a second Plaud Note review sample provided by Plaud.

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Plaud Note:


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00:00 Talkboys & YakBaks, MiniDiscs & Microcassettes
01:50 Mini metal memo maker
03:17 The power of simplicity
06:31 DeleteMe
07:35 “Why can’t this just be an app?”
09:22 Who is Plaud?
11:13 Should you “take Note?”



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