Humane Ai Pin Review: Vanguard Of A New Era

The Humane Ai Pin is a Star Trek combadge for 2024. It’s a mobile phone designed to save us from our phones, a wearable computer meant to keep us in touch without putting a screen between us and the world. It’s a bold idea built on a concept that makes a ton of sense.

But it’s also arriving just as skepticism toward AI is building; tolerance for subscription-based gadgets is dropping … and more important than either of these? It just doesn’t do enough yet – and much of what it does, it doesn’t do all that well.


This video was produced following ten days with a Humane Ai Pin review sample provided by Humane.

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Humane Ai Pin:

Volante Design Star Trek collection:
Star Trek
(Some of MrMobile’s wardrobe provided by Volante Design)


00:00 The 32nd century is here today (sorta)
01:13 Fitting a phone into a pin
04:48 LASERS!
06:43 “Hello Computer” (Voice Interface)
08:39 Burying the Dread (AI)
12:45 Camera samples
14:38 Raw in the middle



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