Why It’s More Fun To Love Villains

Amoral protagonists. Anti-heroes. Douche wagons. No matter what they do – be it having countless affairs, covering up drug-fueled escapades while preaching the love of god, just plain BEING Roman Roy, or poisoning small children… they are the straight up bad people that we cheer them on despite knowing that, yeah, if we met ‘em in real life we’d toss ‘em off a cliff like Walter White disposing of a pizza. But like… why? Why do we love characters who border on being totally evil – or worse, sometimes even ARE evil?

Notably, there’s southern fried Succession, aka The Righteous Gemstones – a show that’s shot in my hometown and yes, it’s very distracting. Much like in Succession, we’re presented with an ensemble of rich, entitled siblings and their powerful father, whose power they yearn for. Unlike Succession’s Logan, Eli Gemstone is not the most despicable father in the world, but he ain’t great and as the new season plays out, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Although damn, these kids are hella dumb.

Unlike Succession, the Gemstone children are more outwardly despicable. Where someone like Shiv might be able to convince one or two people that she knows what she’s doing, there’s no chance anyone’s going to take Judy seriously. And heck, Jesse’s a classic Danny McBride performance – as in, he’s a real turd. There’s no Shakespearean fall from grace like Kendall, just a bunch of buffoons attempting to prove themselves to daddy.

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