The Surprising Reason Cartoon Characters Never Change

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Ever stop to wonder why cartoons never change? Like, it never moves on a linear timeline. It’s almost as if they’re stuck in time, even if the show airs in real time for decades; episodes tend to always finish the same way they started. There’s never much evolution or change. Like, characters rarely age or even change their clothes.

In this video, we’ll dig into the reasons behind this. More often than not, it’s just cheaper to keep things stagnant, especially in the expensive world of animation. Having a character switch up outfits or actually start showing signs of aging would be nearly impossible to do. That’s why so many of your favorite shows, like The Simpsons, Rick & Morty, and South Park all tend to stay exactly the same safe for a few minor tweaks. Even those slight changes are usually done for strategic reasons, as we’ll explain in this video!

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