Shark Tale And Zootopia Take Place In The Same Universe Theory

This Movie Theory Is Crazy But Has To Be True!
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Shark Tale and Zootopia have a couple of things in common; they’re both animated movies about talking animals. However, they were released over a decade apart and aren’t even made or released by the same production company, so it’s safe to assume that’s the extent of their similarities. Well, you know what they say about assuming? They say you shouldn’t do it.

In this video, we’ll examine how Shark Tale and Zootopia actually take place in the same universe, and how these two lovable films are actually a lot more linked than originally anticipated. We’ll discuss the relationship between land animals and sea animals, and explain why there doesn’t appear to be any regular cats or dogs in either world. We’ll also explain how this all ties back into the greater Pixar theory. All in all, both these movies share a number of fascinating correlations and despite their differences, actually take place within the same world.

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