Netflix Makes Spider-Man Power Grab Over Disney Plus – IGN The Fix: Entertainment

For today’s episode of The Fix: Entertainment with Akeem Lawanson we’re bringing you the top three stories from the world of movies and TV. With news that Netflix has made a deal with Sony Pictures to stream Spider-Man movies, we dig into what this means for Disney Plus. Why isn’t Spider-Man on Disney+ even though Disney created the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Sony’s previous deal was with Starz which is where you can currently watch Spider-Man and other Sony films, but now after Spider-Man films have their theatrical run, they will go to Netflix instead. The Sony Netflix deal to stream Spider-Man movies online will last five years, and Sony’s other big franchises such as Jumanji and Bad Boys, not to mention the upcoming Tom Holland film Uncharted, will also be included in the streaming deal, according to the Wall Street Journal. The New York Times said that the Sony and Netflix deal to stream new Spider-Man movies (presumably but not confirmed to include Holland’s upcoming third Spider-Man: No Way Home movie also featuring Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange) was for $1 billion dollars. That’s some serious Tony Stark money! The Sony Netflix Spiderman deal could mean a lot for the streaming giant. Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home are currently available to watch on Starz. Netflix will soon be the home of Spider-Man movies instead of Disney Plus. Many Disney+ subscribers who are MCU fans were no doubt hoping Spider-Man would be available to stream on that service instead, but for now only some Spider-Man cartoons are on Disney Plus. Unfortunately, those who want to watch Spider-Man movies on Disney+ will have to watch on Netflix instead. In other entertainment news, we cover everything you need to know about WarnerMedia bringing big movies such as The Batman and Black Adam to theaters with a 45-day exclusive theatrical window before going to HBO Max, and fans of Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finally get to watch Baron Zemo bust a move thanks to the #ReleaseTheZemoCut hashtag campaign. Zemo dancing has got the internet on fire, with the Baron Zemo dance being transformed into a Zemo dancing meme. Thanks for watching!