Huawei P50 Pocket Review: Out Of Pocket

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If you haven’t noticed, foldables are finally happening. The past year has seen Samsung’s dominant Galaxy Fold family challenged by Huawei; Xiaomi; Honor and Oppo. Even Microsoft has recently gained ground with its Surface Duo 2, whose updates have rendered it much more palatable as a dual-screen device.

But maybe you noticed the pattern there: all those are full-format book-style foldables. For those who also enjoy the more petite flavor – the clamshell flip phone – well, it’s mostly been The Samsung Show. Motorola has fallen behind since kicking off the category in 2019, and a would-be clamshell competitor from TCL was canceled before reaching production. 

So: the P50 Pocket was destined to make a splash no matter which manufacturer made it. And as it happens, it hails from a company whose beleaguered business condition has done nothing to blunt its hardware engineering prowess. I’m Michael Fisher and I’ve spent two weeks with the first flip phone from Huawei: the P50 Pocket!


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