Doctor Strange 2: Everything You Need To Know

In Wandavision, we were introduced to Ralph. He was essentially the false start of the Multiverse. We all thought that the second Wanda opened the door for him, the Foxverse had officially become cannon and all of our childhood fantasies would come to fruition- yup that was a lie. Not Quicksilver, just some dude with enchanted beads.

A few months later came Loki which dealt with all sorts of variants, separate timelines and the multiverse as a whole. This is exactly what the fans had been hoping for and it was all masterminded by Ricky and Morty writer Michael Waldron- this is important to point out because that’s the writer for this movie. If you thought Alligator Loki was weird, just wait to see what Michael has in store for the variants this time.

Spider-Man No Way Home eventually released as the very definition of what fans had been looking forward to. A massive film tying together over twenty years of characters into one thrilling story. Who wasn’t excited to see the big screen return of Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin?

Now we have reached the sequel to Doctor Strange- titled the Multiverse Of Madness, I’m sure you are expecting what I’m expecting- cameos! But all that is speculation. What do we actually know about the film? Why did Scott Derickson leave and what made Sam Raimi want to return to directing superhero movies? Does this movie even have a plot, or is it just like two hours of portals opening up and like Tom Cruise walking out as Iron Man? You’ve come to the right place as we are about to attempt to answer all of that!


0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Production Of Madness
2:39 – The Doctor Strange MCU Omnibus
4:25 – The Returning Cast
4:57 – Variants Of The Multiverse

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