Venom Is More Powerful Than You Think

Venom Is No Joke For The MCU
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There’s no doubt that Venom is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel roster. Whether you see him as a villain to Peter Parker’s Spider-Man or as an anti-hero for the masses, he’s a pretty interesting character and his design is so memorable. But there’s more going on with Venom than we may have thought and that’s largely due to the reveal of the character Knull.

Who is Knull you may be asking? He’s the God Symbiote-and one of the most powerful characters in the entire Marvel Universe by the looks of it. You know the giant head that is Knowhere from Guardians of the Galaxy? The reason that Celestial lost it is because of Knull and his sword. Knull then created a whole army of Symbiotes that are under his direct control thanks to a hive mind.

Knull is currently imprisoned on the planet Klyntar and doesn’t have direct control over characters like Venom. But what if Knull is freed from his imprisonment and comes to Earth? Even from another planet, we learn that Knull has some sort of impact on the Venom symbiote; what happens if all of the symbiotes fall under his direct control should he come to Earth? What sort of new powers can Venom get thanks to Knull? Thanks to the comics, we see that Knull granted the Venom symbiote dragon wings, allowing him to fly. If Knull arrives and he’s as strong as say, Thanos, and can control the likes of Carnage, Venom and Toxin all at once, the Marvel heroes may be in serious trouble in a few years.

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