Uncharted: Behind The Stunts

Tom Holland has had quite a year when it comes to leading massive action blockbusters, with him following his Spider-Man: No Way Home success as the leading man of the live action adaptation of Uncharted. What makes Holland such a successful leading man is the fact that not only is her charming, affable and a talented actor, but due to his gymnastic and acrobatics background, he is also able to pull off a number of his own stunts – something which he has done as both Spider-Man and Nathan Drake. However, Holland has admitted that the stunts and action sequences in Uncharted were the biggest and hardest he has ever been a part of and that filming the movie basically broke him as it left him with a number of bumps and bruises from either scaling a 30 ft mast or getting hit by a car 17 times.

So, in this video we thought we’d take a look behind the scenes of Uncharted, and in particular the stunts, and how exactly they came to life. We will talk about all of the injuries that not only Holland picked up but his fellow cast members, how Mark Wahlberg managed to get out of doing stunts, how the final battle was brought to life, the amount of production tricks the movie had to implement to pull off some of the biggest action sequences, how one sequence in Barcelona left Holland in considerable pain and how exactly they pulled off that cargo plane sequence which took months to pull off. So let’s go to some Uncharted waters (behind the scenes of Uncharted’s stunts) shall we?

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Written by: Aiden M
Narrated by: Justin Freitas @JustinFreitasVO
Edited by: Joe Criscitello @OfficialJoeyC_

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