Turning Red: Every Pixar Easter Egg You Missed

Pixar is widely known for hiding fun little easter eggs in every one of their films, Turning Red, which released on Disney+ on March 11th is no different. Directed by Domee Shi, it includes so many references and easter eggs to past, present and future Pixar films/shorts, it is very easy to miss them. From bathroom stall stickers in the background to the very end credit graphics, you have to pay attention to very small details to catch them all.
If you missed them, have no fear, we are here to showcase some of the biggest Pixar easter eggs in Turning Red.

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0:00 – Intro
1.08 – Pizza Planet Truck
1.38 – Luxo Ball
2.11 – Lightyear sticker
2.53 – Luca
3.36 – Bao
4.16 – Monsters Inc.
4.43- Luxo Lamp
5.25 – A113
6.09 – Finding Nemo
6.33 – Onward, Up, and Inside Out

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