Top 10 Best Dive Watches $50 – $150!

Top 10 Best Dive Watches $50-150!

1. Seiko SNZH57 On Amazon

Or On Jomashop

2. Casio Duro

3. Loreo Submariner

4. Orient Mako 2 and Ray2

5. Vostok Amphibian

6. Heimdallr 6105

7. Pagani Submariner

8. Phoibos PX002

9. Citizen Promaster On Jomashop

10. Seiko Sea Urchin On Jomashop

On Amazon

11. Invicta Pro Diver

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I love dive watches! And you don’t need to spend a fortune, as this list proves. Something for everyone, quartz, auto, eco drive etc, all ready to get wet and have some fun! Cheers, Jody