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Huge thanks to Mat, JT, Logan, and Evan from BRCC for helping us make this! Would not have been possible without them and their nod of approval. Respect!

Starring ►
Jake Watson: https://instagram.com/jokerwatson
Eli Cuevas: https://instagram.com/eli_doubletap
Mat Best: http://instagram.com/mat_best_official
Jarred Taylor: http://instagram.com/jtarticle15
Logan Stark: https://instagram.com/loganstark
Heather Lynn: https://instagram.com/heatherlynnoh

Stunt Car Driver: Clinton Jones https://instagram.com/_pwnisher_

Black Rifle Coffee: https://BlackRifleCoffee.com

Get a Tiny Gun: https://goatguns.com/

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Big men on a battlefield use regular-sized guns to score a huge victory for the home team. It was no small feat.

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