The Mandalorian Takes Star Wars Back To Its Roots

The Mandalorian Is Just Making Us More Hyped For Rise Of Skywalker
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At its core, Star Wars is a Spaghetti Western. Or, I should say, Star Wars WAS a Spaghetti Western. The first three films were greatly influenced by this genre, and are classic examples of that type of film, only set in a technologically advanced future rather than the days of the Wild West. Their skeletons are exactly the same, though. Then things sort of got off track and now we’re at a point where Star Wars is just another popular sci-fi action movie franchise.

In this video, we’ll examine how Disney+’s new series The Mandalorian actually takes the whole Star Wars brand back to its roots. It’s a classic Western if there ever was one, much like how the series was originally intended. We’ll dive into the origins of Star Wars and what influences George Lucas took from. We’ll also closely examine The Mandalorian and explain how it’s the truest instalment of Star Wars in decades.

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