The iPhone 15 Accessories I Wish Android Had

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As another Techtober takes another year off my life, and the notion of a video “review” on YouTube continues to evolve, I hope to start talking more about not just single products on this channel, but how those products can bring more value to people by working together.

I’m already working on videos that will talk about how different brands try to accomplish this with their various ecosystems. But Apple, thanks to its sheer scale, has an additional advantage that I’ve envied for most of the 13 years I’ve been an Android user: a rich constellation of accessories made just for the iPhone. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to get to know a few companies that make really great stuff for the iPhone, and for this video, I’ve rounded up my personal favorites.


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00:00 Accessories after the fact
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02:57 MagSafe batteries
03:43 MOFT
04:53 Twelvesouth BookBook Case
06:18 Moment Mobile Studio
07:24 iPhone accessories are just easier (to make)
08:01 Honorable Mentions: Casetify, Razer, Backbone
09:20 Disclosures / Outro


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