The History Of Astrology In 6 Minutes

Ever wonder where your horoscope comes from?


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Set zodiac sign.
Nina_Piankova/Getty Images
Daniel Interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream (Daniel 4), wood engraving, published 1886
ZU_09/Getty Images
Scorpio with Ophiuchus
Thomas Faull/Getty Images
Ancient Babylonian Captives
duncan1890/Getty Images
Writing on the Wall
duncan1890/Getty Images
Sign on zodiac constellation The Ophiuchus (Serpentarius)
SergeyMikhaylov/Getty Images
Joyful pretty woman listening to her astrologist
Zinkevych/Getty Images
Smart long haired man being engaged in reading
Zinkevych/Getty Images
Top view of an astrological book in female hands
Zinkevych/Getty Images
Circle zodiac signs with Moon and constellations
paseven/Getty Images
Zodiac on the mosaic floor of a Byzantine-era Synagogue in Beit Alpha, northern Israel
by IAISI/Getty Images
Zodiac sign Gemini with moon and sun on texture
VeraPetruk/Getty Images
Isaac Newton (1642-1726). English physicist and mathematician. Engraving. Portrait.
PHAS/Getty Images
Christiani Haemisphaerium
marzolino/Getty Images
Geocentric universe, 1493.
Print Collector/Getty Images
Astrological map featuring Gemini sign
NSA Digital Archive/Getty Images
Gemini astrological sign
Tetra Images/Getty Images
Observers using refracting telescope Images
Planisphaerium Copernicanum
Buyenlarge/Getty Images
Galileo Galilei
Hulton Archive/Getty Images

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Animation of digital interface with zodiac signs wheel over man’s face
VectorFusionArt/Getty Images
Long timelapse of a sunset over Verona, Italy.
Piero Facci/Getty Images
Astrology chart
ActiveDesignStudio/Getty Images
Mayan calendar on black background
Rolandas Cikanavicius/Getty Images
Hippies: old fashioned group of friends
piola666/Getty Images
Vintage Tv Green Screen. Aesthetics of the 80s. Black and White Tone. Zoom Out.
istockmaradona/Getty Images
Group of beautiful friends women dancing and stay together having fun
simonapilolla/Getty Images
Armillary Sphere On Background Of Starburst. Part2.
3DSculptor/Getty Images
All Zodiac Signs Inside a Golden Wheel
Nissim Farin/Getty Images
Visitors are enjoying the antiques in Shaanxi history museum: Chinese Zodiac pottery figurines from Tang dynasty.
Zhang Peng/Getty Images
Zodiac sign Libra and horoscope wheel
NinaPinnk/Getty Images
Old astronomical clock in the center square of Prague, Czech Republic
ozgedemirci/Getty Images
Signs of Zodiac
Rastan/Getty Images
Tarot Cards and Crystals
Viacom Media Networks/Getty Images
Pakal Votan, old map
marko_n/Getty Images
Close-up of a constellation formation
Art Box Images/Getty Images
Woman rubbing nose sitting in car, difficult breath, allergy symptoms, closeup
Motortion/Getty Images
Zodiac signs Gemini and beautiful background for presentations, video intro, horoscope, films, transition, titles and much more
designprojects/Getty Images
Searching for zodiac signs
alexskopje/Getty Images
Natal Chart Astrology Wheel
teekid/Getty Images
Armillary Sphere On Background Of Starburst. Part1.
3DSculptor/Getty Images
4K Night Sky Star Trails Timelapse Over Giant Satellite Receiver Dish
gbheffernan/Getty Images
Milky way galaxy
phaitoons/Getty Images
Rotating mystic astrology zodiac horoscope symbol with twelve planets in cosmic scene. 3D rendering
fredmantel/Getty Images
young woman lying on motel bed reads from tablet computer