The Business Of Christmas Movies

Hollywood Makes Billions Off Of Christmas Movies
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The Holiday season is the time for love and cheer. It’s marks the two-month period of the year where the Hallmark Channel puts out an abundance of cheesy christmas movies. Like, a lot of them.

Cheesy Christmas movies have now become a staple of the holiday season, and it seems like more and more of them are being put out each year (because in fact, they are.) The Hallmark Channel alone produced a whopping FORTY original Christmas movies in 2019, bringing their total to over 325 during the past decade. Companies like Netflix, Lifetime Network, and even Disney are following suite.

So why is it exactly that companies are jumping on this? What could it be about cheesy Christmas movies that’s driving so many studios to want to churn them out at such an insane pace! Let’s check it out.

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