Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Tomorrow’s Specs, Yesterday’s Design [Hands-On]

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You know the worst thing about attending a tech briefing while you have pneumonia? It’s not the shortness of breath or the fact that your voice doesn’t really work (as you can hear in this video). Rather, it’s not knowing whether your vague sense of disappointment is thanks to the foam in your lungs, or the phone in your hand.

Well I’ve had a few days to process my time with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, and I think I get it now. See, the S20 Ultra is one of the most advanced smartphones in the world, with a laundry list of compelling practical benefits to go with its insane spec sheet. But it comes in a package so dull, so conventional, compared to the trailblazers Samsung is selling right alongside it … that it’s tougher than ever to get excited about it.

Find out if this will be your next smartphone regardless, in MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Hands-On!



MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Hands-On was produced following two hours with a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra review sample at a press briefing ahead of Samsung Unpacked 2020. Pre-production device running pre-release software. MrMobile does not produce paid or sponsored reviews; no company featured in this video was offered copy approval, and no compensation was requested or provided in exchange for this coverage.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Hands-On [Android Central]:



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