Previous Marvel Heroes Who Could Return In The Multiverse

The Multiverse has cracked open and Marvel heroes are spilling out. From Spiderman: Now Way Home to the upcoming Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, alternate dimensions are the hot new way to further monetize old content.

So now that we have seen 3 Spider-Men what’s next? How about we get really crazy and throw out some former Marvel Heroes we could see make a very surprising appearance. Hey whatever happened to Ghost Rider? The Council of Reed Richards is certainly a possibility. Can one dream that we will soon see Punisher: Into the Punisherverse? I certainly hope so. Join Chris Goodmakers as he speculates and details the surprise heroes who may pop out of a portal soon.


0:00 – Intro
0:21 – Ghostride the Whip
1:38 – The Muscle Ghost
2:41 – Affleck’s Devil
4:17 – Elektra Returns
5:20 – Reed’s Council
8:01 – Into The Punisher Verse

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