Outriders Review in Progress

Review in progress for Outriders, the sci-fi co-op shooter from People Can Fly. Reviewed by Jon Ryan on PS5, also available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation 4, and Stadia.

After lots of Outriders gameplay – we’ve got plenty of Outriders tips – here’s an update to our Outriders review. We’re still looking for a good Outriders legendary farm but you’ll find plenty of Outriders tips and tricks in our Outriders guide once you reach the Outriders endgame. We’re still debating what’s Outriders’ best build and legendary weapons, but our reviewer of the Outriders game played two of Outriders’ classes and spend most of his time with Outriders’ Trickster. You can find more info on Outriders, like the Outriders’ best mods, Outriders’ fastest legendary farm, and tips for Outriders level up fast, but we haven’t seen an Outriders loot cave yet. We’re still going to check out Outriders’ Technomancer, Outriders’ Pyromancer and Outriders’ Devastator class builds, too.

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