Nothing Phone (2) Review: Actually, This Is Something

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The Android smartphone world is one of extremes. On the high end, you’ve got what some would consider Way Too Much: folding screens; built-in pens; ultra zoom cameras. But down in the midrange, there’s a lot of what I consider Not Enough: watered-down specs and compromised experiences, wrapped up in bland, forgettable designs. That’s the space London smartphone maker Nothing has been trying to shake up for the past year with phones and accessories built to stand out … and this summer, it’s bringing that flashy phone (and some new ideas) to the US – with the Nothing Phone (2).



MrMobile’s Nothing Phone (2) Review was produced following two weeks with a Nothing Phone (2) review sample and several months with a Nothing Ear (2) review sample provided by Nothing. Preproduction devices running pre-release software.

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00:00 A world of extremes
00:53 A design-first smartphone
03:44 Disco lights!
07:14 Cameras … that exist
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10:23 Put a hinge on it!
11:26 Dare to be different
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