No, We Don’t Need a Last of Us Remake – IGN Now

A report from Bloomberg has unearthed a Last of Us remake that’s been in development. No, this isn’t ANOTHER remaster of the groundbreaking 2013 PlayStation 3 game, it’s apparently a full-on REMAKE. So the first thing that came to our minds (and probably yours) is: Why? Honestly, we don’t know. It’s possible this is a tie-in to the HBO series that will re-tell the events of the first game, so this remake could be a lot like the original, but with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. But then that could mean two different versions of the same story both told in video game form…and what does this even mean for last year’s award-winning The Last of Us Part 2? Which of these versions is canonical to that?! Anyway, sound off in the comments!

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