MrMobile’s Favorite Tech at CES 2024!

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You know the old saying: maybe the real CES is the friends we made along the way.

I told you at the end of last year that 2024 will not see me casting as wide a net to cover every electronic bauble that crosses my radar. Whether you’re talking tech videos or life itself, I think it’s wise to save your awe, your wonder, even your skepticism for stuff that truly gets your attention (one way or the other). That, plus the fact that I was also on the other side of the media/marketing divide this year (hawking a product I helped develop!) means my pick list from the world’s biggest tech show is shorter this time around.

Nevertheless, it was indeed a Good Year at CES 2024 – and from dual-screen laptops to AI handhelds to (yes) a recreational vehicle … I’ve rounded up the products that got my blood pumpin.’ One of which tells me just how fast that pumpin’ is going.


00:00 A good year (for tech)
01:25 Rabbit R1
04:32 Pebble Flow
06:39 ASUS Zenbook Duo 2024
08:39 Honorable Mentions
09:23 Clicks for iPhone
10:26 RingConn
12:06 Leaving Las Vegas


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