Motorola RAZR+ Review: The Flip Phone You Don’t Need To Open

Small phones are dead. The iPhone mini is done for; Sony’s Xperia Compact is long gone; and even the Pixel A-series is a fairly big 6-inch candybar. Unless you want to import something like a Unihertz Jelly, the age of the miniature phone is over.

That is … unless you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, the Hinge.

Yes, it’s foldable time again – and Motorola’s new Razr+ is the very definition of the best of both worlds: it’s a clamshell flip phone that lets you spread out on a big 6.9-inch screen, then fold that screen in half to produce a phone that fits in almost any pocket.

“Sure,” you’re saying, “but so what? Flip foldables have been doing that for years.” Well, the thing that sets the Razr+ apart is how much it can do … without you ever needing to open it.



This video was produced following two weeks with a Motorola RAZR+ review unit provided by Motorola. Pre-production device running pre-release software.

In exchange for early content capture with the RAZR+ and a one-hour exclusive head-start on the review embargo, MrMobile provided Motorola with his first impressions of the device several weeks ago.

However, Motorola did not receive any feedback after review devices were seeded; the company is seeing this review at the same time as the general audience. No payment was provided and Motorola had no editorial input or copy approval rights concerning this review.


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00:00 I been sayin’ it!
00:51 “You might as well buy a candybar”
01:43 My morning on the RAZR (without opening it!)
03:17 My RAZR the Laptop
04:11 An upgrade in nearly every way …
07:14 … except for the obvious one.
11:14 Shut to extend
12:19 All the / Small things
13:56 Epilogue: Captain3Phones



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