Moon Knight: 10 Things You Didn’t Know

So, let’s say – hypothetically – you watched that new trailer for Disney’s Moon Knight TV series and thought to yourself “welp, that looked hella sick… and I have no idea what’s going on”. That’s OK buckaroo, ‘cause I’ve got ten things you probably didn’t know about Moon Knight RIGHT HERE.

First off, let’s get the big one out of the way: yes, Moon Knight started off as a villain in Werewolf By Night, wherein he’s already fully formed as a total prick and it’s great. He didn’t last long as a baddie – in fact, by the second issue of that appearance he’s teamed up with his foe to take down the men who hired him to bring in the werewolf for ten grand.

If you don’t follow the comics closely you might have missed one of the messier moments in Moon Knight’s history – in 2006’s Moon Knight #2, while in a fight with Bushman, Moon Knight takes his nemesis down with one of his trademark crescent blades to the freakin’ throat and carves off Bushman’s face a la the New 52’s Joker. It’s uh, not something I expect to see in the Disney+ show.

Oh and who knows, maybe we’ll eventually see Marc Spector join up with the Avengers. I mean, it’s… unlikely, but hey like… the New or Dark Avengers are getting built up to some degree, so why not pop ol’ Marky Marc Spector in there? Afterall, he’s been a part of numerous superhero teams, including the West Coast Avengers, Captain America’s Secret Avengers, the Defenders (his earliest team up), the Midnight Sons (which, hey, maybe Blade will recruit him and Dane Whitman to join that team for the big screen!). He also helped the regular old Avengers at various points, and fought on their side during Avengers vs X-Men.


0:00 – Intro
0:19 Started as a Villain!
1:37 His Backstory
3:47 Cut Off Bushman’s Face
4:14 Dissociative Identity Disorder
6:00 Avengers
6:36 Midnight Man
7:32 His Very Own Jason Todd
8:16 Arthur Harrow and Sun King
10:03 Never Fought Dracula
10:49 Blade: The Series

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