Marvel’s Moon Knight: Everything You Need To Know

Moon Knight is coming to life in the upcoming Marvel series starring Oscar Issac. But who is the Fist of Khonshu and what do you need to know before the series starts streaming. Join Chris as he dishes out the details on Marc Spector, his oath to the Egyptian lunar god, and his battles with multiple personalities.

Why is that girl calling him Marc, and who is Ethan Hawke supposed to be? Yes this obscure Marvel hero has a long and complicated history but the basics are simple. Before Moon Knight joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe get yourself up to speed on all the ways he is definitely not like Batman.


0:00 – Intro
0:49 – Who is Moon Knight
2:02 – Multiple Marcs
3:07 – Is Khonshu Real?
3:45 – Tools Of The Trade
4:42 – Arthur Harrow

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