Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold Review: More Is Less

Ever since I was six years old and watching Inspector Gadget, I’ve longed for a proper “computer book” – and the Lenovo X1 Fold gets closer to that dream than I ever thought possible. Its large folding display is the most rugged and crease-free I’ve ever used, and it works together with a cleverly designed wireless keyboard companion and beautiful leather shell to deliver a laptop experience like no other. Fully deployed, the Lenovo X1 Fold rests on its built-in kickstand to serve as a 13.3” laptop; or, fold the screen in half and slap on the magnetic keyboard for a more compact 7” netbook. Use it in easel mode as a stylus-equipped tablet; and when it’s time to pack it in for the day, it collapses into a footprint no bigger than a hardback novel.

It’s that versatile combination of form factors that gives a “computer book” like the X1 Fold so much potential for those of us who prefer our PCs portable. But leveraging that potential is the job of streamlined software … and the platform Lenovo apparently planned to use for the X1 Fold, Windows 10X, was delayed by Microsoft last year. As a result the X1 Fold ships with Windows 10 Home or Pro – and the apparently rushed implementation of that OS (plus a combination of driver issues, hardware failings and high price tag) ultimately makes this machine the first foldable I can’t recommend … even to those with deep pockets.

Get the details in MrMobile’s Lenovo X1 Fold review, and join me in crossing your fingers for an eventual Windows 10X release for this unique folding-screen PC.




MrMobile’s Lenovo X1 Fold Review was produced after more than two months of X1 Fold testing – approximately one month with a Fold X1 retail unit purchased by MrMobile, and one month with a review sample sent by Lenovo as a replacement for the former unit.

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