How The Batman Perfects The Batmobile

Have you ever wondered what up with Batman’s sweet ride? The Batmobile is as entwined with the caped crusader as his utility belt and pointy ears. Robert Pattenson will soon be behind the wheel of his own version of the black hot rod, but how did we get to this latest version?

Batmobile superfan Chris Goodmakers explores the history of this automotive icon. What started as a simple red coupe in the comics evolved into Adam West’s red streaked rocket car. From there it changed again to Tim Burton’s sleek noir jet fighter, as iconic as it is gorgeous. Stay with Chris as he mires through the neon soaked Schumacher age, to the modern Tanks of The Dark Knight and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Finally there’s the new hotness, with The Batman and it’s muscle car throwback. Rocket boosts and grappling hook, holy burning rubber Batman it’s all about the Batmobile


0:00 – Intro
0:55 – Origins
2:05 – The Classic
4:39 – The Neo Noir
6:54 – The Blue Streak
8:43 – The Neon Nightmare
10:53 – The Tumbler
13:46 – The Snyder Cut
14:54 – The New Kid

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