How Spider-Man Should Have Ended

Spider-Man HISHE
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This episode was a fun trip down memory lane. Spider-Man 3 HISHE was the kick off for many things for this channel. There were so many more things we wanted to do for this episode but couldn’t because of time constraints. We thought it’d be fun to make a HISHE that not only has it’s own HISHE moments, but also acts as a “prequel” if you will to our Spider-Man 3 HISHE. Bright Idea Guy’s first appearance, Spider-Man not being in the cafe yet, Peter picking up on his villain proof spider sense. Perhaps we are the only ones who will look at it this way. But if you’ve been following us long enough to catch all the call backs, Thank you so much for sticking with us so many years!
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Thanks to EpicVoiceGuy for bringing his Green Goblin
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And to Victor Van Scoit for returning as our OG Spider-Man
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