Google’s Pixel Tablet Is Only As Good As Its Assistant

Google has tried making cheap tablets, and it’s tried making expensive ones; it’s outsourced them, and it’s made them in-house; it’s built tablets for play and for work; it’s released laptops disguised as tablets, and vice versa. In fact, Google has tried tablets so many times, in so many ways, over so many years … that it’s actually officially given up on them at least once!

But what Google hasn’t tried is making a tablet that turns into a Google Nest when you put it down – until now. That’s what the Pixel Tablet is trying to be, and a week after welcoming it into my own “nest,” I think it’s a truly special idea. I just wish I could trust Google to stick with it.


The Pixel Tablet will receive guaranteed Android platform updates until June 2026, and security updates through June 2028. The reason for the error: technical documentation provided with my review device stated platform support would only continue through “June 2023.” MrMobile regrets the error.



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00:00 Too many tablets
00:48: A simple, smart pitch
01:26 Winning hardware
02:13 Not a mobile device
04:50 Undermined by a bad “Assistant”
07:32 An easier sell if you’re “Feeling Lucky”



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