Euphoria: Unanswered Questions Season 3 Needs To Answer

Season 2 of Euphoria finally dropped and while the show covered a lot of ground, we still have more questions than answers! Sure, the season was great and who didn’t like watching Cassie get what she deserved? But did anyone else wonder where Mckay went? From the fate of Ashtray and Fez to characters we didn’t even know existed, Mr. Levinson has a lot of explaining to do going into Season 3. We just hope he has time to cover it all and fill in any plot holes especially when it comes to the Rue and Laurie plotline. We have a feeling that’s going to looming over Rue’s sobriety for the entirety of Season 3. But Seriously, there’s a whole other Jacobs brother? How?


0:00 Intro
0:30 Fez and Ashtray’s Fate
1:56 What’s Going on With Kat?
3:17 Rue Still Owes Laurie
4:32 Where’s Mckay?
5:30 Nate Jacob’s Second Brother
6:26 Rue and Jules
7:06 Maddy and Samantha
7:53 Cassie

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