Euphoria: 25 Things You Missed

The second season of euphoria has finally come to its conclusion, so now is a good time to go back through and find a few hidden details scattered throughout the series’ sophomore season! Sam Levison loves scattering small hints and details throughout his work, for example back in season one of Euphoria Rue sings along to the lyrics of a song alluding to the fact that Zendaya is from Oakland California! There are also some things spread throughout that may hint at other plotlines we could explore in the future such as that photo of Nate Jacobs’ second brother. Join us as we hunt down all the small elements that may have been overlooked due to all the intense storylines of the second season!


0:00 Intro
0:42 Grey’s Anatomy Easter Egg
1:28 Rue and Jules Season One Callback
2:20 Kat and Ethan Incel Callback
3:10 Lexi Bob Ross Costume Callback
3:44 Cassie Possible Movie References
4:29 Kehlani’s Poster in Cassies Room
4:55 Jesse Plemons Possibly Joining the Series
5:24 Drive Safely on the License Plates
6:16 Dance Moves
6:59 Nate Jacobs Third Brother
7:36 Where Did Mckay Go?
8:14 Titles from Season One and Two
8:43 Stand Still Like the Hummingbird
9:19 Maddy’s Dress Update
9:57 Rue and Elliot
10:33 Ruby Bennett
11:02 Nate’s Name in Maddy’s Phone
11:34 Episode 7 Title Reference
12:09 Nate’s Mirror Scene
12:27 Did Rue Actually Meet Up with Lexi in the Finale?
13:41 Little Star Song
14:13 Rue Speaking in Past Tense
14:45 Maddy Playing Selena’s Como La Flor
15:12 Rue Car Parallel

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