Encanto: Every Disney Easter Egg & Reference

We don’t talk about Bruno, but Disney’s Encanto is on the lips of film goers everywhere. It’s original songs are rocketing up the charts, and it’s playing on repeat in parent’s homes everywhere. So it’s almost impossible to have not seen it by now.

Disney must be so proud, which is why they loved hiding references in it. Encanto is filled with subtle nods to Disney and their past works. Join Chris as he goes over all the little details and hidden Disney secrets.

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0:00 – Intro
0:52 – Familiar Doggo
2:18 – Let It Go Disney
3:20 – Hidden Mickey
4:20 – Alan’s Animal Noises
5:41 – Pixar Crossovers
7:00 – Mama Coco
8:29 – Singing through town

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Written by: Chris Goodmakers
Narrated by: Chris Goodmakers
Edited by: Chris Goodmakers

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