Don’t Look Up: Behind The Scenes Secrets

Just when you thought Adam McKay couldn’t get less subtle with his politically charged, big budget comedies… welp, he makes Don’t Look Up, the story of an asteroid heading toward Earth and the humans who can’t help but screw everything up. Spoilers ahead, this video is all about some behind the scenes secrets, facts, and other space junk that you might have missed. For example, probably the most LOL WUT moment in the film comes mid-credits, in a scene where the rich and connected have escaped the destruction of Earth in a spaceship courtesy of Apple/Amazon stand-in BASH, headed by the always perfect Mark Rylance, who plays Peter Isherwell… who essentially dooms us all, in one of the film’s many super on-the-nose moments. The final moment of pure, delectable failure comes thousands of years after the end of civilization, when a percentage of the ship’s pods make it to an Earth-like planet. Earlier on, Meryl Streep’s President Orlean asks Isherwell how she’s going to die – something his computers can nail down with extreme accuracy, although his prognosis for Leo’s Dr. Mindy winds up wrong – and he tells POTUS that she’ll be eaten by a Bronteroc. Upon landing on the planet, President Orlean attempts to pet a beautiful alien creature… and is promptly killed. While the scene itself was developed by Adam McKay, the concept of Bash knowing how people will die came about from improv during the Bash control room scene, prompted by McKay. Streep decided on “I want to know how I’m gonna die” and after a few takes, they settled on the “eaten by a Brontaroc” moment.


0:00 – Intro
0:29 Insulting J-Law
1:39 Leo Studied Orbital Dynamics
2:34 Jennifer Lawrence Lost Her Veneer
3:04 Mid-Credits Scene
4:51 Podcast
6:01 Ariana Grande’s Flammable Dress
7:15 Jennifer “Stoned AF” Lawrence
8:07 Leo’s Speech
9:16 Paramount
9:51 RED Hydrogen Phones

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Written by: Michael Keene
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Edited by: Michael Keene

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