Does The New 2020 Toyota Highlander Make The Current Lexus RX Obsolete?

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The #ToyotaHighlander and #LexusRX have been distance cousins for the last 2 decades. Toyota introduced the Highlander back in 2001, while the RX came out in 1999. Over the years, most buyers would say the #Lexus is obviously the nicer car with supple leather, real wood, and a cushy and quiet ride. When #Toyota redesigned the #Highlander this year, it grew in size and added a lot more luxury making the new version even more “Lexus-like”, while the current #RX350 dates back to 2016 and is about to be replaced with a new model in 2022. With the new Highlander as nice as it is, has the Lexus been overshadowed by its Toyota cousin?