Clicks: A Real Keyboard For The iPhone!

Steve Jobs was right back in 2007: if smartphones were going to evolve, their physical QWERTY keyboards had to go. But there’s a lot of convenience, reassurance, and even fun that comes with keys – and looking back after 17 years, it’s possible that as a society, we threw the buttons out with the bathwater.

So let’s change that. I’m Michael Fisher, and I co-founded a company that’s bringing real buttons to the iPhone, with a Creator Keyboard inspired by some of my favorite phones of the past (that enhances one of the most popular phones of today). Introducing: Clicks for iPhone!


Michael Fisher is a co-founder of Clicks Technology, and as such has a financial interest in its success. That makes this video unique in the history of the MrMobile channel, as the manufacturer being covered is also the content creator producing the coverage!

Nevertheless, the script for this hands-on was developed independently by Michael Fisher, with only limited input from the Clicks Technology team for legal oversight and fact-checking purposes. The opinions contained herein are entirely those of Michael Fisher.


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00:00 Buttons with the bathwater
00:55 MrMobile: manufacturer! (disclosure)
01:37 Clicks for iPhone: The What
04:11 The Why
06:04 The Why Not
08:09 How Much (& When)
09:12 Just because something’s old …


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