Behind The Scenes Of The Most Iconic Sword Fights

Engarde! Join Chris Goodmakers as he looks at some of the greatest cinematic sword fights and how they were brought to life. Sword fights have been an essential part of film history and some of the greatest are remembered for their tension, action, suspense, and jaw-dropping spectacle. But how did they do it?

Some of the greatest Sword Masters of all time have helped create the memorable duels in classics like Gladiator, Princess Bride, and even newer fare like the Last Duel. Did you know that the man who brought us Kill Bill’s climactic clashes created his own Sword fighting style, or that the fight between Wesley and Inigo Montoya was brought to you by Darth Vader?

Keeping watching for more history on how these moments were brought to life, and how they have affected filmmaking as a whole. Plus it’s just fun to watch a few people clink blades at each other. Also Chris has a sword himself and being grossly untrained he’s sure to break something.


0:00 – Intro
0:42 – Trial by Combat
2:16 – Revenge in the Snow
3:42 – Chateau Showdown
5:13 – Are You Not Entertained
6:21 – The Wheel of Tink
7:56 – As You Wish
9:12 – The Other Highlander

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