Awesome 5 Piece Budget Watch Collections At $250, $500, and $1000!

The $250 AliExpress ‘Chinese Special’ Collection

1. Cadisen C1032

2. Steeldive 1970

3. Pagani ‘PaganOak’ Chronograph

4. Pagani ‘Mocktail Time’

5. North Edge Mars

The $250 ‘One Brand’ Casio Collection

1. The Duro

2. The DW5600E

3. The Edifice EFV100 or 140

4. The Casio Royale

5. The Calculator

The $500 Five Piece Combo

1. Seiko DressKX

2. The Casio DW5600E

3. The Orient Kamasu

4. The Timex Waterbury

5. The Casio Databank

The $1000 All Bases Collection

1. The Tissot PRX

2. The CasiOak

3. The Seagull 1963

4. The Orient Star Diver

5. The Armitron Griffy
Retro Collection

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Another whopper of a video, packed with ideas on how to assemble a number of price-based collection chock full of great watches. I like them all, to be honest. That AliExpress combo offers ridiculous value, and look at the number of well respected and trendy watches that are available for $1000! No need to spend big to have fun in this hobby. Cheers, Jody