Actors Who Injured Their Co-stars During Filming

For actors, commitment can make you legendary (I mean, it’s no accident that this list includes multiple Academy Award winners). Countless hours of training are aimed at making it so a performer can disappear into a role, both for the audience and for themselves. But the tricky thing about being lost in a role is that sometimes your character doesn’t know the fight choreography as well as you do, and your scene partner gets clipped in the jaw.

And this isn’t something only beginning actors do, even some of the most seasoned performers take and give it on the chin (see Joe Pesci to Macaulay Culkin), though often the real violence can be invited by the victim (see Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo; Christian Bale and Heath Ledger). The point is, acting in the world’s biggest movies and TV shows can be a precarious occupation, and whether it’s a prestige movie like The Wolf of Wall Street, a superhero flick like The Dark Knight, or a crazy popular TV show like The Walking Dead, sometimes punches find bodies.

So please, darling, for me, enjoy these 11 actors who injured their co-stars (and more interestingly, enjoy HOW these performers got hit, because the reasons and situations are all over the place).


0:00 – Intro
0:50 – Frank Grillo vs Chris Evans
1:40 – Christian Bale vs Heath Ledger
2:30 – Joe Pesci vs Macaulay Culkin
3:18 – Dave Bautista vs Daniel Craig
4:20 (nice) – Mark Ruffalo vs Channing Tatum
5:00 – Jon Bernthal vs Jonah Hill
5:45 – Jason Isaacs vs Tom Felton
6:50 – Andrew Lincoln vs Norman Reedus
7:30 – Dolph Lundgren vs Sylvester Stallone
8:28 – Tom Cruise vs Tom Cruise

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