Actors That Never Remember Their Lines

The artform of acting requires a whole slew of skills. Some actors like Christian Bale like to be chameleons, slimming down for one role in The Machinist, and bulking back up for Batman Begins. Other actors like Daniel Day-Lewis go full-on method, diving into the lives of their characters for every waking moment to ensure they are being as true to the character as possible. But these examples aren’t requirements specifically, rather they are going above and beyond for a role.

So what is actually expected on a film shoot? One would have to assume it’s simply knowing the script. Apparently, that’s a little more difficult than it may seem, even for the biggest actors around. From the small screen with Saturday Night Live to big MCU blockbusters like The Avengers- there is a whole slew of actors that simply couldn’t learn their lines.

What do Tony Stark, Jack Sparrow, and Edward Cullen all have in common? Well, they all had to be fed lines despite having the starring roles in Iron Man, Pirates Of The Caribbean, and Twilight! It’s not always about the actors not caring about the roles which cause them to fib some lines- take Jake Gyllenhaal for example- while taking on the role of the wall crawlers antagonist Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home, an anxiety attack rendered him speechless once ACTION was called. Find out some other thrilling reasons why A-List stars in the Harry Potter, and Godfather series (just to name a few) needed some assistance to remember what words should come from their mouth in this video!


0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Tom Cruise
2:02 – Robert Downey JR
3:03 – Johnny Depp
4:34 – Marlon Brando
5:32 – Tom Felton
6:16 – Tommy Wiseau
7:10 – Marilyn Monroe
8:06 – Jake Gyllenhaal
8:49 – Robert Pattinson
9:23 – The Entire Cast Of SNL

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