A Chat with Drew (Supercell Community Manager)

A chat with Supercell Community Manager Drew
Drew is currently the manager of Clash Royale, we’ll ask him about his job and unique outlook given his position and role at SC.

Drew on X: https://twitter.com/drewbian

0:00 Intro
2:55 Typical Day for Drew
6:00 How to Be Heard
9:30 Does Drew Feel Trapped?
17:25 What led Drew to SC?
23:40 Thoughts on Content Creators
33:00 Was Drew too Defensive?
37:19 How bad did things get?
42:10 Let’s Talk Monetization
48:09 Drew’s Mental Health
54:40 Is Gaming too toxic?
1:02:00 Supercell new games
1:04:40 Creator Academy