8 Actors Before And After They Left Marvel

The MCU is a massive juggernaut of not only big special effects and shocking self-reflection, but also TALENT – specifically, talent in front of the camera. A huge number of Hollywood stars have come and gone from the franchise and with almost-definitely-false rumors of Tom Holland maybe taking a break from his role as everyone’s favorite Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man – seriously, look at all that MONEY – I thought I should take a look at the careers of some of these MCU stars before and after their Marvel-ous tenures with Kevin Feige’s horrifying success juggernaut.

One we’re not likely to see again any time soon, but whom I wouldn’t count out in the long term is Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Will he wind up running a secret SHIELD group on the Moon or some nonsense? MAYBE! Will he show up as a variant version of himself as part of the ongoing Marvel Multiverse Madness? Perhaps! Either which way though, Evans showed up as Cap a total of eleven times if we’re including Loki-as-Cap, following a career as other superheroes like the Human Torch and whatever his character name was in Push. Following his tenure in the MCU, he most notably showed up as Ransom Drysdale in Knives Out and became King of Unexpected Cameos with the one two punch of Free Guy and Don’t Look Up. While he does have a handful of other projects lined up, his next big role is of course as Buzz Lightyear in, well, Lightyear. Keep on cashin’ them Disney checks, Chris. We love ya.

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