15 Times Pixar Referenced Real Life Places In Movies

Easter eggs are nothing new to Pixar, and the company includes dozens of them in its movies but have you ever wondered where all these magical locations are based on? Pixar loves to give the nod to real life places all the time and we’re going to show you 15 of them including some other little easter eggs you might have missed. All Pixar characters are believed to live in the same universe and we love to spot them out. Whether it be the Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle school in Soul, or the Grand Lake Theater in UP or the TTC in the new Pixar flick Turning Red Pixar’s movies feature dozens of Easter eggs that portray real-life places. Essentially all characters from Pixar live in the same universe and there are definitely some Easter eggs that are inspired by real-world locations. It is harder to find some Easter eggs than others but here are 15 times Pixar referenced real life places in movies.

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0:00 Intro
1:11 Toronto Landmarks
2:18 Timbits
2:48 Lucky 7 Bar
3:53 Famous Ice Cream Shop
4:21 NYC & Nathaniel Hawthorne Middle School
5:30 Pixar University
6:58 Emeryville, California
8:54 Grand Lake Theatre & Star Wars Easter Egg
9:39 Hidden City Cafe
10:43 Merritt Restaurant & Bakery
11:38 Toronto & The TTC
12:42 Sixth Street Home
13:21 Vernazza, Italy
13:52 Pixar Ball
14:17 Carl’s Zip Code

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