15 Strict Rules The Cast Of Star Wars Has To Follow

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Is Going To Be Epic
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With such iconic movies and some epic lightsaber battles, who wouldn’t want to get cast in a Star Wars film?! Well, the role of a lifetime isn’t like a quick cruise on Millenium Falcon. Over the years, small tidbits have been released about the strict rules the Star Wars cast has had to follow. Before store shelves were lined with toys and book stores helped fill in the Star Wars universe with epic stories, George Lucas had a clear vision of where he wanted his franchise to go. And one of those visions included no bras.

Yep, in the early filming process of “A New Hope”, George Lucas had some clear instructions for Princess Leia performer Carrie Fisher when she was first cast in the role: there were no bras allowed in space. The instructions were pretty simple to Lucas. Because of the way anti-gravity and vacuums of space change our bodies, there’s no way a female could properly wear a bra as the bra wouldn’t be able to change shape. By the time the cast is ready to film the movie, you would think they could talk about things a little, but in the world of Star Wars, the fandom is just too intense! If fans actually knew where the movies were filming, they would have to deal with all sorts of security issues. So to help combat this, a number of the Star Wars movies have been referred to as secret names, names that the cast and crew referred to while filming.

From weight loss requirements to special security measures, learn about the cast rules from the original trilogy and all the way up to the latest film: The Rise of Skywalker.

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