15 Adult Jokes In Spies In Disguise Everyone Missed

These Jokes Went Over Everyone’s Head
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To help parents sit through a movie where Will Smith’s spy character gets turned into a pigeon, the creators of the film knew they would have to insert a whole lot of jokes for the older set crowd.
Walter has a whole lot of inventions featured in the film — each one focused on adorable features like hugs and glitter bombs. Well, one of these inventions probably had parents in theaters doing a double-take — just by the name alone. It seems like you cannot create an action-based animated movie without including a reference to the Matrix — and specifically the bullet-time scene. The parodies probably started around the release of the original Shrek movie and have continued onward in film after film. Everything from Madagascar to Hoodwinked and Despicable Me 2 have all featured the tired parody. Did you know that Spies in Disguise came out nearly a year after its initial scheduled date? Yep, it was supposed to get released on January 18, 2019, but the whole Disney-Fox merger mixed things up a bit and that’s why the film got released in December. Maybe if the film kept its original release date, the next joke wouldn’t have felt sooooo outdated.

And boy did they pack on even more adult jokes! Watch to find them all and see what ones you missed! From references to old school movies and some shoutouts to risque novels no child should ever read, Spies in Disguise really delivers on the goods. See how many of these adult jokes and moments you noticed, including a few clever nods to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man character.

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