10 MCU Scenes That Were Almost Impossible To Make

Making movies is hard. Any movie. Anywhere from dozens to hundreds of people show up early and leave late moving tons of gear building up sets and lights and often tearing them down in the same day. All that and in a major feature film more often than not they’re not even shooting a whole page for the day. And that’s just just for a movie where people talk to each other about their feelings. Action movies complicate things exponentially. Now you have a team of stunt coordinators choreographing the stunts with their own apparatus that need to be built up and torn down. Then you have the actors that want to do their own stunts, so now you have a team of people trying to digest their life of training into enough of an understandable bite so that the star understands enough not to end up visiting the medic and shutting down the production. Add in the superhero special effects element and now you’re shooting around a set that’s only half there with actors interacting with things that are also not there. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is all of those things and provides a special set of challenges, and not always what you’d expect. Whether it’s creating a crazy world of pure fantasy or if it’s just an actor trying to do too much or out of their comfort zone, building a shared universe has its challenges as well. What do you think would be the hardest hurdle to overcome making a superhero movie? Let us know in the comments and be sure to like and subscribe for the latest videos in your inbox.

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Spider-Man: No Way Home
1:52 Shang-Chi
2:51 Hawkeye
4:24 WandaVision
5:13 Loki
6:17 Black Widow falling Red Room
7:05 Eternals Bollywood
7:54 Doctor Strange and the Mirror Dimension
8:50 Hulk Fans in Endgame
9:37 Guardians 2 and the Groot dance

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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: Justin Freitas @JustinFreitasVO
Edited by: Gullivar Du Katt

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